Abu Hummus (Great Vegan Options!)

Abu Hummus (Great Vegan Options!)

You know when you eat a meal, and you feel so happy in your belly? That’s how eating at Abu Hummus made me feel. If you’re looking for a quick meal in Kensington Market either for yourself or a group of vegans and non-vegans, you might want to check out Abu Hummus!


I had no idea about Abu Hummus until I met Avra Epstein who was kind enough to give me a code for two free combo meals at the restaurant. (By the way, Avra has an awesome Instagram, blog, and TikTok).

Roasted tomatoes and garlic with mushrooms.

What I love about a place like Abu Hummus is that it has options for vegans and non-vegans. You see, the most difficult part about being vegan for me is the social isolation. Most of my friends aren’t vegan. But I still want to eat with them!

Cauliflower shawarma hummus plate.

So I went to Abu with a friend who happens to be a vegetarian. We got the vegan shwarama plate with a side of mushrooms, and the falafel plate with a side of roasted garlic tomato dip.

Falafel with tahini sauce and mushrooms.

The hummus was so good - light, creamy, smooth, absolutely everything you would want in a hummus. And the falafel was so green, it was incredible. And the mushrooms tasted like stewed Chinese mushrooms that I grew up eating! I could go on :)

Overall I would recommend Abu Hummus. It’s a great spot, and I look forward to my next visit!

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