Best Vegan Donuts in Toronto (Bloomer's Review)

Best Vegan Donuts in Toronto (Bloomer's Review)

If you’re looking for an amazing donut in Toronto, then Bloomer’s is the place to go! Plus, all their donuts are 100% vegan. They’re so good that vegans and non-vegans alike will love them (as proven by many taste tests I’ve held with friends).

An assortment of 6 vegan donuts.

I first came across Bloomer’s when I moved to Toronto in 2018. My roommate at the time knew all the vegan hot spots to check out, and Bloomer’s was at the top of his list. I was (and am) very lucky to live a five minute walk away from the Bloor Street West location. I often find myself stopping by to grab a donut while out on a walk with my foster dogs!

The Bloomer's logo.

About Bloomer’s

Bloomer’s is a small family bakery that has been open since 2014. They have 3 locations (as of 2022): Queen Street West, Bloor Street West, and Bayview Village. You can also find them at various farmer’s markets and festivals across the city. They also deliver via UberEats and Doordash.

Before the pandemic they had delicious cafe food as well - I have fond memories of their tempeh reuben. I hope they start serving cafe food again at some point!

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