Can You Bake with Just Egg? The Answer is YES!

Can You Bake with Just Egg? The Answer is YES!

Just Egg is all the rage now that it’s readily available in Canada (at least, it’s been all the rage on my TikTok feed). So the other day I wondered, can you bake with Just Egg?

The answer is YES! You can bake with Just Egg. Keep reading to learn how to use Just Egg to make delicious vegan baked goods!

How much Just Egg can I use to replace 1 egg?

Given that 1 egg contains 1/4 cup of liquid on average, this means 1 egg equals 1/4 cup of Just Egg.

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Scaling this, we have the following measurements:

  • 1 egg = 1/4 cup Just Egg
  • 2 egg = 1/2 cup Just Egg
  • 3 egg = 3/4 cup Just Egg
  • 4 egg = 1 cup Just Egg
  • 5 egg = 1 1/4 cup Just Egg
  • 6 egg = 1 1/2 cup Just Egg

and so on!

What can I bake with Just Egg?

Just Egg is super versatile, and you can use it any of your baking recipes that call for eggs!

Of course it won’t really replace egg whites - for that you can use something like aquafaba (the water leftover from a can of chickpeas).

I tried making a pound cake using Just Egg (I replaced 4 eggs with 1 cup of the product) and it turned out great. It tasted really egg-y.

Just Egg.

Why should I bake with Just Egg?

Normally I prefer using whole food products to replace eggs, such as flax seeds or baking powder, depending on the function.

But being able to use something like Just Egg is so convenient - it really lowers that barrier to entry for those who aren’t as comfortable in the kitchen (yet!). Getting vegan baking right can be tricky. Having something like Just Egg in our kitchen tool set makes vegan baking a bit less intimidating.

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